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Admission is now Open

Registration is now open for the Fall 2020 Semester.

About TAV College

TAV is a college in Montreal that has developed into a comprehensive school, offering courses to a large multi-ethnic body of students. From its beginning as an affiliate of Champlain College, TAV College is now a private CEGEP recognized and accredited for subsidies from the Quebec Ministry of Education. Today TAV College boasts a brand new 65,000 Square foot, building, annexing our original campus on Decarie Boulevard. This state-of-the-art building houses four science laboratories and facilities for our Career and pre-university programs.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of the College is to train people who are competent, responsible, and well-integrated into Quebec Society.

Our Mission

The aim of our college is to help individuals realize their full potential, academically and personally while respecting their cultural and ethnic diversity.

Our Values

Our values include personal commitment, the development of the individual, awareness of others and our environment and opening up to the world.

Study at TAV College

Pre-University and Career Programs

TAV College offers multiple programs in English and French, to either prepare you for entry to university, or to give you the skills and practice to enter the workforce directly

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