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Arts, Literature & Communications

DEC 500.AJ (Media Option)


The Arts, Literature and Communications – Media (ALC) program allows the student to become familiar with the technologies of communication. Prospective students will have an interest in media, web interactivity and creativity. They want to develop the skills necessary to pursue university studies in new media and television on the web. Students will get the opportunity to experiment with media production techniques while gaining a more in-depth knowledge of culture in general.


The program will prepare students to:

  • know media, their history, and diversity;
  • understand new media, national issues and interactivity;
  • develop analysis skills and criticism of media productions;
  • learn the techniques, languages and aesthetics of video productions;
  • learn the procedures for digital video post-production;
  • become familiar with animation production and video integration;
  • master the expressive processes of web production;
  • produce sound production projects, visual and interactive websites, blogs and DVD;
  • understand the evolution of media creations here and elsewhere.


The general education components are common to all DEC programs and contribute to the development of twelve competencies associated with the three aims of college education:

  • To educate students to live responsibly in society:
    • Demonstrate independence and creativity in thought and action
    • Demonstrate rational, critical and ethical thinking
    • Develop strategies that promote reflection on their knowledge and actions
    • Pursue the development of a healthy and active lifestyle
    • Assume their social responsibilities
  • To help students integrate cultural knowledge into their studies:
    • Recognize the influence of culture and lifestyle on the practice of physical activity and sports
    • Recognize the influence of the media, sciences or technology on culture and lifestyle
    • Analyse works in philosophy or the humanities emanating from different historical periods and movements
    • Appreciate literary and non-literary works of other artistic expressions emanating from different historical periods and movements
  • To help students master language as a tool for thought, communication and openness to the world:
    • Improve communication in the second language
    • Master the basic rules of discourse and argumentation
    • Refine oral and written communication in the language of instruction


Students considering future university studies in computer science or commerce are offered the option of registering for elective courses in economics, calculus, and linear algebra. By taking these courses in the DEC 500, students satisfy university admission requirements for computer science and commerce programs at Quebec universities.


Choosing the ALC program at TAV college prepares students for university studies, which allows you to apply to a variety of university programs. These include communication, journalism, translation, English, foreign languages, international development, education, history, social sciences, teaching, theatre, liberal, arts, and philosophy, to name a few.


The College provides state of the art iMAC and Microsoft computer labs. Each student has an individual workstation with access to study rooms. Video and film studio equipment are provided, including: digital cameras, microphones, and other relevant material with the most up-to-date digital editing software. Students take part in the realization of their own digital portfolios as well as in conferences hosted by media professionals. They also participate in events organized by the college such as Video days, Web integration, TAV Arts and Letters Communications Fest and more.

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