Fall at TAV College

Will be mostly online. Find everything you need to know on this webpage.


On This Page:

1. IntroduCtion
2. Orientation Sessions (for new students)
3. The most Important information
4. Procedure for entering the campus building
5. The rules for online classes


Discover helpful tutorials and information that will lay the foundation for a successful online semester.



With the health and safety of our students and staff in mind, TAV College made the difficult decision to hold most courses for the Fall 2020 semester online. With this new educational experience comes many obstacles, however, if we all work together, we can make this a great online semester.

Below you will find all of the information that you need to know concerning the Fall semester. Should you have anymore questions, please email the College at: info@tav.ca for questions related to online learning, you may email: onlinehelp@tav.ca


Orientation sessions for new students will held on campus (while respecting social distancing measures) and will be held on different days for each program. Students will receive an email indicating the time and date of their orientation session. Below is a list of the days for each program:

  • August 10th, 2020: Science students
  • August 11th, 2020: Springboard students
  • August 12th, 2020: Social Science students (morning) & ALC students (afternoon)
What is the orientation session for?

The orientation sessions allow students to meet some of their instructors, receive valuable information concerning the upcoming semester, gives them a chance to meet the Dean of Studies as well as some of our administrative staff. Furthermore, you will be able to

  • Receive important instruction on how the Fall semester will operate in an online format
  • Get your photo Student ID card
  • Receive your lab equipment (for science students)
  • Tour the computer labs and facilities
What if I can’t make it to my orientation session?

If you can’t make it to your orientation session for reasons realted to COVID-19, work or family, a Virtual Orientation Session will be posted on this webpage the following week. However, please let us know that you will not be attending your session so that we can have a head count. You may let us know by responding to the email you will receive.


  • The Fall 2020 semester will be held mostly online. If you are one of the students who will be doing courses on campus, you will be notified by email.

  • The college campus will remain open and fully operational for courses that require on-site resources. Students will have full access to student services, study spaces, computer laboratories and advisors. The following classes and activities will be maintained on campus:
    • Science Labs
    • Mid term and final examination
    • Tutorials
    • Selected courses where on site presence is required to fulfill course competencies.
    • Orientation and introduction to your professors

  • All mid-term and final examinations will be taken on campus. See below for more information.
How do I access my schedule and Online Courses?

All of the information regarding schedules, classes, examinations and grades will be conducted through the Omnivox Portal. Communication with professors will be through Mio. Find links on how to use Mio on the Online Learning Assistance Centre.

What will classes be like?

The majority of courses will operate the same as on-campus learning.

  • Students will receive a course outline from their instructors with a hyperlink to their virtual classrom
  • A scheduled meeting time will be set where students must login to the virtual classroom and participate in the course
  • Lectures will be given through virtual classrooms such as Google Meet, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and/or notes
  • All students will be expected to read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct for Online Courses (see below)
Protocol for testing positive or displaying symptoms

Any staff member or student displaying symptoms of the virus, or receives a positive result for COVID-19, must self-isolate for 14 days, call Public Health at 514-644-4545 and contact TAV College as soon as possible. If somebody you live with, or have been in direct contact with, has been affected by COVID-19, you must not come to the College for 14 days and inform us by email at: covidreport@tav.ca

Permanent incompletes and course drops
Permanent Incompletes

A permanent incomplete is an official status within a student’s record indicating that the student experienced an extraordinary circumstance mid-semester and was unfit to complete the course(s).

  • For permanent incompletes, you must provide appropriate documentation proving you couldn’t complete your studies for a period of three (3) weeks or more for a serious motive, including illness or death of a spouse or death of a family member (see Regulation Promoting Success for details).
  • The College does not give permanent incompletes because you are failing a course or because you were absent for a final exam.
Course drops

If a student is unsatisfied with a course they are taking, they may make a request to their student advisor to drop the course from their schedule.

  • To drop a course, you must do so before the end of the second week of classes.
I have not used Omnivox and/or google meets before

Below you will find helpful video tutorials which introduce students to online learning software.

You will find the following video tutorials:

  • Message from the Dean of Studies
  • Accessing Omnivox
  • How to use Omnivox to access your course schedule
  • How to use Omnivox to upload assignments for a course
  • How to use Omnivox to confirm attendance
  • How to use Mio (messaging service)
  • How to use Google Meet to participate in a class
  • How to use Google Meet to meet with teachers (“office hours”) or for collaborating with other students
  • Google Meets: How to share your screen

If you have a suggestion for more video tutorials, please contact our communications department: communications@tav.ca

How will exams be taken?

All mid-term and final examinations will be taken on campus while respecting and maintaining social distancing guidelines.



If a student cannot come to the college for health reasons related to COVID-19, they must make a Request for an Alternate Exam. 

The student has two (2) options when making a request for an alternate exam:

  • They may be eligible for a proctored (monitored) online examination in which they will be assigned an invigilator for the entirety of the online exam. Fees may apply.
  • OR, the student may be eligible for an alternate exam date.

Each request is processed through the TAV College Exams Office and is decided upon in a case-by-case manner.



In the event of extreme circumstances where social distancing guidelines have become more severe and the college can no longer proceed with on-site examinations, delivery will be in an online, monitored format. Administrative fees may apply.

*In the event that this plan must come into fruition, instructors will modify their curriculum to account for dispersed grade weights.


Academic advising services are available online. Students have two (2) options:


  1. Schedule an online appointment with an advisor (via Google Meet);
  2. Use our request form to ask a question.

See student services for more information.

4. Procedure for entering the campus building

For students or staff who must enter the campus building, you will be required to follow this health and safety procedure.

The following classes and activities will be maintained on campus:

  • Science labs
  • Mid-term and final examination
  • Tutorials
  • Selected courses where on site presence is required to fulfill course competencies.
  • Orientation and introduction to your professors

*Remember to bring your own mask if you have one!

5. Code of Conduct for online courses

All students and staff MUST read and understand the rules for online classes before they begin their semester. CLICK HERE TO READ



All students and instructors will be responsible for upholding the following behavior expectations during a live, online class:

  1. You must wear appropriate attire during an online class(nudity and/or shirtlessness will not be tolerated);
  2. You must be respectful in the online chat feature of the software​;
  3. You are not allowed to invite someone to the online class who is not registered for the course​;
  4. You are not allowed to consume illegal substances (drugs, alcohol) or smoke (cigarettes, vape) during a live, online class where your webcam is live;
  5. You must act in a way that is appropriate when using the microphone, webcam or share screen features of online classrooms;
  6. You must respect the unique rules set by your instructor;
  7. You are not allowed to display media or imagery on your screen that contains nudity or that is profane, obscene or offensive​ (failure to comply will result in suspension).


  • Unless otherwise indicated by your instructor, all students are expected to login, using the class link provided by their instructor, and participate in their course at the scheduled time as stated by their instructor at the beginning of the semester.
  • If a student cannot attend an online class for reasons related to COVID-19, they must inform the instructor.
  • If a student cannot attend an online class, they are responsible for catching up on the course.
  • Instructors are not allowed to force students to turn their webcam or microphone on, however, they have the right to “check-in” with you.


    Failure to comply with any online class rules will result in immediate action taken by the instructor of the course. All situations of non-compliance will be subject to a review for suspension and will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Dean of Studies’ office. Students will be notified by email of any reprimands. 

    *All situations of non-compliance to the rules set forth by the College will result in a note on the student’s permanent record.


    Do you have questions or comments?