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International Trade



In recent decades, world trade has led business to open to the world. In the 2000s, companies join forces, merge, and change. Trade has entered a new era of globalization. Through the help of the federal and provincial governments and other support agencies, businesses can expand their market. Various measures, both in terms of exploration, visibility and funding are available to them.

International Trade requires qualified people capable of developing and managing trade. TAV College offers the International Trade program in a skills approach that extends over a period of 1290 contact hours and leads to an Attestation of College Studies (AEC). Any person with Secondary V education and work experience in sales, administration or marketing can apply for admission. Prospective students must pass a French and English language proficiency test.


  • Analyze the realities of the workplace in international trade
  • Use Application Software
  • Search and analyze international trade information
  • Communicate in French in a business context
  • Solve problems related to mathematics and statistics
  • Communicate in English in a Business Context
  • Perform a Market Study
  • Manage inventory and acquisition of goods and services
  • Collaborate in the development of a sustainable development approach
  • Analyze the process of importing and exporting a property
  • Manage Logistics for International Freight Forwarding and Service Delivery
  • Refer to sources of law and international trade conventions
  • Calculate Import and Export Costs
  • Participate in International Trade Risk Management
  • Develop a Market Development Strategy
  • Determine payment and financing methods in the context of international transactions
  • Negotiate in an international context
  • Develop an E-Commerce Strategy
  • Develop an International Marketing Project
  • Integrate a workplace


The International Trade technician works for businesses that want to do business outside the country, importing goods or services, sometimes exploring new markets. Moreover, he can work with companies that want to develop a market in Canada. The International Trade technician can also act as an export consultant or as an analyst for foreign markets, working for a trading house, an office of a commissioner for export, a professional association or a non-governmental organization (NGO).

The technician’s expertise in logistics allows him to act as a forwarding agent or other type of intermediary in commercial transactions within a logistics company, a transport company involved in exporting or importing. According to Emploi Québec , the job outlook for retail sales, technical sales, buyers, sellers, and sales representatives is favorable for the years to come.

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