Letter from the Director


I would like to welcome you to TAV College. I am very proud that you have entrusted TAV with your education project.

TAV College is a private College, providing College level education. Our programs and courses are accredited by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS). Full-time students are eligible for loans and bursaries from the ministry program.

TAV offers quality programs and support to all students through its Institutional Success Plan. Students who wish to embark upon the journey of post-secondary education, to undertake a new program in view of a career change, or to pursue pre university studies, are welcome to meet with one of our dedicated student advisors.

Our goal is to allow you to quickly access the job market. Students, teachers and staff are at the heart of our mission. We focus on helping you throughout your program. At TAV, the majority of students have young families. In view of this, many courses are scheduled in a manner that allows you to reconcile your family responsibilities with your need for job training. This ensures your efficient and rapid integration into the work force.

As TAV continues to grow, I am especially proud of the composition of the TAV College community. We greet students from over 50 different countries with diverse cultures and backgrounds. This rich tapestry allows our students to interact and share their experience and successfully prepare themselves for integration into Quebec society or move on to further their studies at the university level.

TAV fosters program development, student support and integration as well as staff training.

This year, we are proud to inaugurate our new science building: a sure sign that TAV makes every effort to offer students outstanding programs, great facilities and all the resources needed to undertake their studies. I hope you enjoy the new building, the added space, labs and classrooms.

I wish you a pleasant stay at TAV College. Be part of it and get involved as a TAV College student!

Dean of Studies
Elazar Meroz

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