Mobile Application Programming



The Mobile Application Programming program leads to an Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC). This program provides specialized training to respond to a growing need for labor in this sector. Upon completing this program, students will have the skills necessary to develop native and web-based apps, both on the iOS and Android mobile platforms.


Based on the technical specifications and instructions sent by the project manager, the mobile application programmer performs the technical requirements and developments of mobile applications. They program the functionalities that correspond to the needs of the client

Projects can be in the form of websites, online services, multimedia applications such as video games, etc. Programmers are responsible for ensuring the interactivity of the products and services they produce.

Mobile application developers work as members of a team and have the opportunity to combine various skills. They define the links between the front end display content and the algorithmic back end, allowing for efficient processing by the mobile application.

With the major growth in the use of mobile tools (smartphones, digital tablets, watches, glasses, etc.) the mobile application programmer must adapt to the specificities and display settings on each type of device (constraints of a small screen, variety of screens, limited interaction capability, diversity of platforms, etc.).

The mobile application programmer can work in a variety of contexts, including in the creation of all parts of a mobile application, the adaptation of a website to a specific mobile platform, or the optimization of an existing application. They may be tasked with working in an Android or iOS environment for either the back end or front of a project.


This program is for adult clients who meet the following conditions:

The candidate holds a high school diploma (DES) or training deemed sufficient by the College.


Meets one of the following three conditions:

  • Has interrupted his studies for at least two consecutive sessions or one school year; OR
  • has completed at least one year of post-secondary education over a period of one year or more; OR
  • is subject to an agreement between the institution and an employer or government program. 


must also be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant or any other recognized status that entitles them study in Québec;

must also meet the following specific admission requirement: either one of the three sequences in the mathematics discipline of the Sec 4 (Culture, Society and Technical Sequence – CST, Technic Science – TS, or Natural Sciences – SN).


PYX1 – Analyze the work functions

00SH – Adapt to computer technologies

00SE – Interact in a professional context

00SW – Perform the development of game or simulation applications

00Q6 – Exploit the principles of object-oriented programming

00Q2 – Use programming languages

00SU – Perform Transactional Web Application Development

00SS – Perform native application development with a database

00Q7 – Exploiting a database management system

00SR – Perform native application development without database

PYX2 – Make functional improvements to a mobile app

PYX3 – Ensuring the quality of a mobile app

PYX4 – Implement a mobile application

PYX5 – Design and develop a mobile application in a graphical environment

PYX6 – Design and develop a mobile application in a database environment

PYX7 – Design and develop a hypermedia mobile application in internal and global networks


Are you still on your smartphone or tablet? Do you have a growing interest in programming languages ​​and mobile development rules? Do you like mathematics, new technologies, communications, and teamwork? Become a Mobile Application Programmer with AEC’s Mobile Application Programming Program

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