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Office Systems & Accounting (Payroll)



The Attestation of College Studies program in Office Systems and Accounting (LCA.EU) is built in correspondence with the Diploma of College Studies program in Accounting and Management Technology (410.B0). In this sense, the competencies reached in the AEC could be recognized should a student eventually choose to complete the DCS program in Accounting and Management technology. This being said, in total, the Attestation of College Studies program presents 18 competencies that are drawn directly from the Diploma of College Studies program.

The length of the 47 credit program is 1320 hours. Of this total, 465 hours are dedicated to the competencies linked to Accounting; 450 hours are dedicated to the competencies linked to Office Systems Technology; 225 hours are dedicated to the competencies linked to the language of instruction and second language; and 180 hours are dedicated to the student’s integration to the work placement internship. The distribution of hours across competencies to be attained contributes to graduates being competent in three major areas of interest: Accounting, Office Systems and Communication.


The program provides the skills and the necessary knowledge to perform tasks in an office environment based on new technologies. The graduate will be able to use office related software, design office documents, build and adequately present company spreadsheets, master the operations linked to the accounting cycle, use a computerized setting for book-keeping, complete payroll operations while respecting federal and provincial laws, contribute to the audit and control of operations, understand financial decisions and contribute to taking them, understand the function of the office setting in the company, communicate using business English and French.

The graduate can adapt to various information technology and accounting environments and provides office support for the production of various administrative documents, assistance in the accounting cycle (registration of transactions, preparation of financial statements, preparation of payroll, audit or other) using the appropriate accounting software, and acts as a resource person.

The person is expected to evolve in a highly computerized environment, to communicate well with colleagues, suppliers and customers in both official languages. At the end of the program, the graduate will have acquired skills in Office Systems and Accounting in order to work independently in French or English. They will be able to perform their tasks and adapt to the diversity of environments in a context of technological evolution and globalization. The skills developed will help the graduate to apply a rigorous intellectual approach, develop a professional attitude to work and relationships, communicate effectively, and apply techniques through proven methods.


Students graduating in Office Systems and Accounting (LCE.3C) will be well prepared to do the following:

  • Analyze the work functions;
  • Provide an overview of the company in a context of globalization;
  • Use the possibilities of operating systems and common applications for administrative purposes;
  • Analyze and process data in the accounting cycle;
  • Search and process information for management purposes;
  • Communicate and interact in the context of management and customer service;
  • Use sources of law applicable to administrative and commercial contexts;
  • Contribute to the financial analysis of investment projects and financing;
  • Contribute to the planning and budgetary control and the measurement of the performance of business activities;
  • Contribute to the management of capital;
  • Use and adapt methods and management tools;
  • Produce a computer application that meets an administrative information need;
  • Communicate in English in a business context;
  • Perform activities related to starting a business;
  • Provide technical support in the performance of activities of customer service;
  • Contribute to internal control and audit of the company’s operations;
  • Manage a project;
  • Ensure his or her integration into the job market.

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