Science Dec

DEC 200.B0


The Science DEC is a two-year, pre-university program with choices to study in either the Health Sciences or Pure and Applied options. It prepares students to pursue higher education in (but not limited to):

  • Fundamental sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Sciences
  • Engineering: Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer
  • Health sciences: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy


As a pre-university program, the main objective of the Science DEC is to equip the students with the fundamental knowledge necessary for university-level studies in pure and applied or health science programs. This is achieved by providing a balanced education, which integrates the fundamentals of science (physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology) and also, general education (philosophy, humanities, language-learning and physical education).


The general education components that are common to all programs and specific to the program contribute to the development of twelve competencies associated with the three aims of college education:

  • To educate students to live responsibly in society:
    • Demonstrate independence and creativity in thought and action
    • Demonstrate rational, critical and ethical thinking
    • Develop strategies that promote reflection on their knowledge and actions
    • Pursue the development of a healthy and active lifestyle
    • Assume their social responsibilities
  • To help students integrate cultural knowledge into their studies:
    • Recognize the influence of culture and lifestyle on the practice of physical activity and sports
    • Recognize the influence of the media, sciences or technology on culture and lifestyle
    • Analyse works in philosophy or the humanities emanating from different historical periods and movements
    • Appreciate literary and non-literary works of other artistic expressions emanating from different historical periods and movementsTo help students integrate cultural knowledge into their studies:
  • To help students master language as a tool for thought, communication and openness to the world:
    • Improve communication in the second language
    • Master the basic rules of discourse and argumentation
    • Refine oral and written communication in the language of instruction


    • Secondary V Language of Instruction
    • Secondary V Second Language
    • Secondary IV History
    • Mathematics Science and Technology 564-506 OR Mathematics Science 565-506
    • Chemistry 551-504
    • Physics 553-504 OR academic background judged equivalent to the DES.

    *For students missing the necessary pre-requisites, TAV offers a Springboard to DEC program.


    Equivalent studies can also be considered, especially for foreign students and adults. Contact an advisor.


    This program is well accommodated for Francophones, as well as bilingual students, who would like increased exposure to the study of science offered in the English language. However, in the Science DEC program, students have the option of doing their general education in French. This provides them with a solid foundation for future university studies in English while still allowing them to do their general education courses in French. Moreover, in conjunction with pedagogical developments in Quebec universities, students within this program can submit their homework and do their exams in the language of their choice.


    At TAV we believe that challenging our students in the classroom is as important as challenging them in the lab. Our two-year pre-university Science DEC Program allows the students to maximize their learning experience by including major lab components and integrative activities.

    The science program is ideal for anyone who is considering a career in a number of university science and/or professional programs.