Course List

Special Education AEC JNC.1N

Session 1

351- 101-TV – Qualifications and Work in Specialized Education
351-102-TV – The Development of the Child
351-103-TV -- Communication and Teamwork
351-104-TV -- Institutions, organizations and services
351-105-TV -- Observation and Behavior Analysis
351-106-TV – Activities Development I : Group Animation
351-107-TV -- Assistance and Protection in Critical Situations
351-108-TV -- Observation and Screening in Language Difficulties

Session 2

351-201-TV -- The Development of the Person
351-202-TV – Foundations of Adaptation Problems
351-203-TV -- Intervention Techniques and Approaches
351-204-TV -- Activities Development II : Clinical Tools
351-205-TV -- Adaptation and Social Phenomena
351-206-TV – Interventions for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
351-207-TV – Interventions for Young People with Adaptation Difficulties
Difficulties 351-208-TV – Internship : Exploration and Experimentation

Session 3

351-301-TV – Clinical Tools and Intervention Plans
351-302-TV – Interventions for Young Students with Learning Difficulties
351-303-TV -- Interventions for Seniors Losing Autonomy
351-304-TV – Interventions for Persons with Language Difficulties
351-305-TV – Interventions for Persons with Physical or Neurological Deficits
351-306-TV – Interventions for Mental Health and Addictions
351-307-TV – Social Exclusion and Violence
351-308-TV – Intervention for Social and Professional Reintegration

Session 4

351-401-TV – Workplace Intervention Internship
351-402-TV -- Integrated intervention Project