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Oded Alaluf, a student in the Early Childhood Education program talks about pursuing his passion as well as his experience while studying at TAV College.





I was denied acceptance by multiple CEGEP’s in the Montreal area (due to a poor R-score from a previous institution) before I discovered TAV College. TAV offered me admission, when no other college would have, which gave me the opportunity to advance my academics and demonstrate my capabilities as a college student. Throughout my academic career in the Media Arts, Literature and Communication program at TAV, the institution fostered an extremely solid foundation within this discipline that allowed me to gain invaluable skills. In turn, this foundation propelled me into my university studies. TAV is unique in that the teachers know their students individually, as opposed to other Montreal colleges, where the classroom setting is treated more as that of a university. This strong relationship between student and teacher allows the classroom to be a place for not only academic growth, but a space of comfort, which facilitates critical thought and open discussion. Also, another aspect of what makes TAV unique is its ethnically diverse student body, which gives all students the opportunity to be interactively immersed in a setting of multiculturalism. Despite my accidental discovery of TAV College, I will forever be indebted to the institution for granting me the opportunities to be a successful, educated and culturally open-minded member of Montreal’s society

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