At TAV, being smaller doesn’t mean you won’t have a complete and friendly service. Take advantage of our human-scale campus. Our personalized attention to students and the work of our dedicated teachers contribute directly to the academic success of our students and open the doors to great career opportunities and further education, should they choose to move on to university.

Many of our students already hold a university degree and as such, they know what it is like to be a student who is working hard to integrate into Quebec society and culture. Further, these students have clearly defined goals for themselves and know exactly what they want to achieve through the program they have chosen. As students, they understand the benefit of smaller class sizes as well as the opportunity to work closely with teachers and peers.


  • We have a friendly, smaller-campus, approach;
  • Hands-on training in a real workplace;
  • We enjoy a multilingual setting;
  • We focus on real academic success;
  • We guide you toward the program that best fits your needs;
  • We offer workshops and peer tutoring for students who require added help.


The College bases its values on four essential foundations from which all students and the College employees work closely together:

  • Personal Comittment
  • The Development of the individual
  • Awareness of Others and Our Environment
  • Opening Up to the World


Students remain the first persons responsible for their own success. They must demonstrate independence and good attendance to fully benefit from the training offered. Moreover, students have a social responsibility within the school: they must become personally involved and collaborate with peers and employees in order to create a safe and supportive place for learning.

For its part, the College is committed to:

  • Provide quality education
  • Provide teachers with the means to ensure their continued training and improving their classroom interventions (workshops, conferences, educational hints, etc.).
  • Create a climate of trust and support that promotes learning
  • Support teachers to promote student-teacher relationships and develop meaningful educational success
  • Promote awareness and self-development
  • Help students become aware of their responsibilities
  • Do everything to train responsible citizens able to help each other and contribute to the development of their community.


For students who are open and responsible, school becomes the best place to explore their aspirations, develop their identity, gain confidence and develop independence. Thus, they acquire the necessary foundations to fully develop themselves. The college is a place of socialization that can contribute significantly to this personal growth.

This is why the College is committed to:

  • Encourage students to interact in the classroom
  • Offer space where students can explore, express themselves, identify their dominant strengths and surpass themselves
  • Solicit students’ creativity and encourage initiatives
  • Provide an environment that fosters a sense of belonging for students and staff
  • Put in place measures that will support the effort and the exercise of individual responsibility


Although the first goal of the college is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills through quality training, this value represents the basis for a wider educational project, namely that of preparing socially engaged citizens in our community who are aware of the environment in which they live and sensitive to their environmental footprint.

To achieve this, the College is committed to:

  • Provide a framework for students to know themselves better, the others around them, the common values and riches of Quebec society
  • Sharpen the social consciousness of students
  • Stimulate their intellectual curiosity and encourage them to develop critical thinking skills in order to enable them to acquire independence for learning that will serve them always.
  • Provide an environment conducive to openness, sharing, respect for individuals, ethnic and cultural differences and teaching
  • Educate all stakeholders on the importance of acquiring environmentally friendly practices and promoting them


Opening up to the world is one of the core values of the College. Because it wants to maintain a learning environment that is rich and pleasant, the College expects students to socialize with others while respecting their ethnic and cultural particularities. The college asks students to demonstrate their willingness to share and dialogue with students of different origins.

The College is committed to:

  • Encourage the development of this opening by offering an education free from any form of discrimination
  • Encourage students to express themselves and to demonstrate curiosity towards others, while accepting different points of view
  • Strongly encourage students to integrate Quebec society
  • Stimulate the curiosity of students towards its host society by allowing them to experience the culture and values of Quebec.

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